We decided on the name "Neo German Shepherds" because "Neo" was one of our foundation males. Our German Shepherds encompass qualities that will protect their families by sacrificing their own lives without hesitation if necessary to prevent harm to the family or property. Our German Shepherds are naturally the best companions and protectors you will ever find for your children, family pets, and property. Our German Shepherds are true herding dogs with herding instincts intact.

Our German Shepherds are a very specific type of shepherd. In addition, our linage history is respected and even reviled by some of our competitors. The sport of conformation showing dogs is extremely time consuming and expensive, but is very important to

confirm your breeding stock and linage to the written standard.

Please understand, we are not Heidelberg, the company, but we do have Heidelberg linage history in our breeding program along with other respected kennel names, such as "Covey-Tucker Hills" of California. Heidelberg is a kennel name that was started in 1971 by Mr. Eugene Thompson; he purchased his foundation stock from a longtime AKC judge, Ann Mesdag. Her kennel was founded on Grand Victor (GV) Harrigan, whom many claim was the greatest shepherd that ever lived. Harrigan was out of Grand Victor Lance of Franjo, which ancestors originated from Germany, and who was bred by Francis and Joan Ford. In the 1980's to reinforce the lines, Mr. Thompson purchased Select Champion Sundown Von Freya for the unheard price of $20,000.00 to introduce additional lines into the breeding program. From the same lines that produced GV Harrigan, gave rise to the Heidelberg linage as well as many of the other highly regarded top producing kennels in the United States. Unfortunately, these regarded kennels went another direction in their breeding in the late 1970's and early 1980's by producing a more extreme show shepherd and in many cases disregarding temperament.

I personally owe Mr. Thompson a great deal of gratitude for his teachings and his extensive love for the breed. However, I found it necessary to continue his teachings and even expand on them, so I formed my own company. It is important to always put the breed and your quality breeding program before money!

Neo German Shepherds is a young company compared to others in the business, but our knowledge of the breed and our strict guidelines of breeding sound temperament, health, beauty and protector cannot be matched. We are here to stay! We are very responsible breeders and stick to very strict guidelines in our breeding program. We want every client to experience the same amazing companionship that we experience. We are here to help in every possible way; please call on us day or night. Most importantly, you do not have to buy a German Shepherd from us to get our help; it is about the breed and the continued quality of the breed.

Thank you.