Carnivores and certain omnivores such as lions, tigers, dogs, wolves, coyotes, and foxes in nature, after capturing prey, they will first consume stomachs and intestines, which contain predigested vegetation. These predigested contents provide the meat eaters with much-needed nutrients such as complex amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll necessary for maintenance, health, and longevity. These nutrients cannot be found in sufficient levels or in a readily digestible form in most all dry-foods. In addition, many of these basic nutrients are cooked out of the dry-food during processing. Nevertheless, many veterinarians and dog food companies are teaching people to feed only dry-food (kibble). Dogs do not possess the sufficient enzymes, cellulase to digest cellulose (vegetation). Wild dogs including wolves depend on fresh kills to provide them with

these required nutrients. Wild dogs and even those that are allowed to roam freely will capture small prey to satisfy their need for these complex nutrients, which are not readily available in kibble.

Dogs were domesticated approximately ten thousand years ago. From that time, domesticated dogs have lived off the scraps provided by their human masters. Dogs have thrived by sharing food from our tables containing cooked vegetables milk products such as yogurt and cheeses, and raw and cooked meat scraps. Kibble has only been around since the turn of the twentieth century. Until the last seventy years, kibble was not readily available or utilized in this country. Most people outside cities fed only leftovers to their dogs. Consequently, dogs fed table scraps from their owner's tables had superior longevity and vigor compared to our modern day dogs that eat diets consisting mainly of dry kibble food as regularly recommended by veterinarians. Too often dogs suffer from allergies, seizures, diverse health problems, etc., which possibly could be avoided by feeding a proper diet.

How long would you thrive or even survive on a kibble only diet? The human digestive system is much more efficient than those of dogs, but intuitively we know that our health would suffer if we consumed a kibble only diet. Why then do we believe a kibble only diet is acceptable for our dogs' nutritional requirements?

We feed our puppies and adults the same diet throughout their lives. Once weaned puppies become lactose intolerant and can no longer digest milk products other than cottage cheese, certain cheeses, and yogurt. Puppies grow fast and require calcium and other minerals to grow correctly and avoid joint problems later in life. We meet these requirements by adding yogurt and our dog supplement powder to their diet. Our complete vitamin supplement contains diatomaceous earth, brewers yeast, active yeast enzymes, vitamin e and c, kelp, flax seed meal, chicken liver powder, brewers yeast, gelatin and fishmeal.

Our diet for all our dogs consist of approximately 2 – 4 cups of Wholesome or Victor dry foods, which is reasonably priced, with approximately 3 ounces of fresh meat (chicken, turkey, canned mackerel, salmon, or other meats low in fat). To this mix, we add a cooked egg, cooked carrots or cooked green veggies, a tablespoon of cod liver oil, a tablespoon of acidophilus active yogurt, and one garlic clove (pressed or minced). We combine all these ingredients with water and mix to create gruel. This gruel is a natural, healthy diet that is very similar to the nutrients that would be found in the stomach contents of a fresh killed deer or sheep. Our dry-food contains no soy, by-products (no hair, hooves, manure, horns, or chicken feathers), or NO preservatives such as BHA or BHT, Ethoxyquin, etc. Our dry-food contains only vitamin E to retard oxidation. If you will feed as we do, your dog will never have a 'doggy' odor! The doggie odor we all are familiar with results from poor quality kibble that contains indigestible proteins and carbohydrates.

The most common question/comment from a time first visitors is; why is there no bad odor here or why do your dogs have no doggy odor?' Try our diet plan for your pets and you will see great overall health, beautiful coats, no mange or skin problems, and your dogs will no longer have an unpleasant odor.

Very important: Wholesome & Victor Dry Foods were created with the utmost quality in mind, from 100% USA ingredients; we use no by-products of any kind.  In addition, we created the food especially for those that just feed kibble, even though we recommend our complete feeding and caring regimen, our food is incredibly advanced for those that just can't find the time, therefore only feeding kibble.  For those that only feed kibble, you may need to increase your dog's dry food intake.  However, we recommend that you take the time to follow the regimen of the entire diet and we are confident that you will see many positive benefits come from this regimen.

A complete packet of information including Our Diet, Maintenance, and Training Information Packet accompanies each puppy we sell. We take the time to explain how to feed your dog a more natural diet, for which they have evolved. We will show you how to read and discern dog food labels. We will show you how correctly to include table scraps in your dog's diet. Dry-food should make up less than half of your dogs diet. Ideally your dog would only rarely consume dry-food; however, with modern life and its demands that is not always feasible. We show you how to feed your dog economically and quickly, but more importantly correctly so that they will thrive. Therefore, you will not have to spend money at your veterinarian for ailments resulting from poor diets. This packet describes our feeding in detail. We feed this diet to all of our dogs, which include dogs here for boarding/kenneling and training.

Our packet teaches you how to recognize symptoms of parasites, such as fleas, ticks, ear mites, stomach worms, heartworms, and protozoan infections, etc. to assist you in deciding what to do when your dog begins to have problems. For example, just as with livestock, dogs will get worms. Why not do as the rancher does for his livestock, and place your dog on a routine worming plan. We do not waste money on fecal exams because we can worm our dog for intestinal worms for the entire year for less than the annual cost of two annual fecal exams.

The wormers that we use are non-prescription wormers. Our heartworm medicine is liquid Ivermectin, the exact same active ingredient used to make Heartguard heartworm medicine. Ivermectin is sold over the counter (non-prescription), saving us $200.00 per year per dog on heartworm medicine alone (enough to feed our dogs correctly for eight months). Learn how to save money, feed, and manage your dog's health care correctly.

Our packet also has extensive information on potty training and crate training. Most of our puppy customers have no potty accidents in the house. We also show you how to train for basic obedience by using all-natural treats that your new puppy cannot resist.

Because we have educated ourselves on how to properly care for our dogs, on average, we spend little to nothing annually per dog at our Veterinarian. You too can avoid unnecessary expenses. Only if our dogs are injured or become ill will we go to the Veterinarian, which rarely happens. Let us educate you on proper nutrition and feeding for your dog.

While it may appear that we are suggesting that you not utilize the services provided by your Veterinarian. This is far from the truth; we are recommending that you educate yourself so that you can work together with your Veterinarian in the treatment and health care of your dog.

 Please, never hesitate to contact us day or night; we are always here to help.