Temperament:(German Shepherd Personality)

People unfamiliar with the true temperament of the German Shepherd like we breed, think of the Shepherd as a breed that is vicious, hates and attacks children and is dangerous to their owners. However, when a German Shepherd is bred for the Temperament, they are totally different from the above description of the "Temperament", as perceived by many people who have never seen or owned a correctly bred German Shepherd.  

Neo German Shepherds Puppies and Adults are the sweetest and most loving dogs in existence. They are extremely protective of

little children and other animals and pets with which they live. Although or dogs are exceptionally sweet, they would fight like a monster, giving their life before an intruder, either animal or man, could in any way harm these children. These traits are instinctive when the Shepherd is bred as we breed our German Shepherds.