Breed Knowledge

American or European?

Disclaimer: Before reading, the following note that we are providing only anecdotal evidence that we have witnessed with our eyes. In addition, nobody at Neo German Shepherds, LLC believes that all imports have bad temperaments - far from it - we find that many better-bred imports have solid temperaments.

Neo German shepherds are not aggressive towards strangers and do not coward from threats. Our dogs are aloof toward strangers until they learn that they are friendly, in which time they will readily accept the stranger as a family friend. Likewise, if the stranger proves to be a threat to family members or property, our shepherds may

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What is a Neo German Shepherd?

We decided on the name "Neo German Shepherds" because "Neo" was one of our foundation males. Our German Shepherds encompass qualities that will protect their families by sacrificing their own lives without hesitation if necessary to prevent harm to the family or property. Our German Shepherds are naturally the best companions and protectors you will ever find for your children, family pets, and property. Our German Shepherds are true herding dogs with herding instincts intact.

Our German Shepherds are a very specific type of shepherd. In addition, our linage history is respected and even reviled by some of our competitors. The sport of conformation showing dogs is extremely time consuming and expensive, but is very important to

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How We Feed & Care For Our Dogs

Carnivores and certain omnivores such as lions, tigers, dogs, wolves, coyotes, and foxes in nature, after capturing prey, they will first consume stomachs and intestines, which contain predigested vegetation. These predigested contents provide the meat eaters with much-needed nutrients such as complex amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll necessary for maintenance, health, and longevity. These nutrients cannot be found in sufficient levels or in a readily digestible form in most all dry-foods. In addition, many of these basic nutrients are cooked out of the dry-food during processing. Nevertheless, many veterinarians and dog food companies are teaching people to feed only dry-food (kibble). Dogs do not possess the sufficient enzymes, cellulase to digest cellulose (vegetation). Wild dogs including wolves depend on fresh kills to provide them with

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German Shepherd Dog Breed Standard

General Appearance

The first impression of a good German Shepherd Dog is that of a strong, agile, well muscled animal, alert and full of life. It is well balanced, with harmonious development of the forequarter and hindquarter. The dog is longer than tall, deep-bodied, and presents an outline of smooth curves rather than angles. It looks substantial and not spindly, giving the impression, both at rest and in motion, of muscular fitness and nimbleness without any look of clumsiness or soft living. The ideal dog is stamped with

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