Care Tips

Treatment for minor injury - Vitamin Regimen

Treatment for minor injury: 

Please never hesitate to contact me day or night; regardless of the hour if you should ever have any questions or require assistance.  Please find information on the vitamins recommended to be given orally for at least 12 days from time of the noticed injury.  Each of these vitamins can be found locally at Wal-Mart or acquired in a couple of days from (I recommend purchasing these vitamins on line from “Puritan’s Pride”; they are great vitamins at great prices).

Administer the vitamin regimen each day for at least 12 days

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Toxic Foods for Animals

CHOCOLATE:  Best to remember – dark chocolate, especially baker’s chocolate, is the worst when it comes to this type of “poisoning”.  Chocolate contains a substance called Theobromine (similar to caffeine), which in toxic doses can cause heart attacks.  As little as 2 oz baker’s chocolate can be fatal for a small dog.  If you suspect your dog has gotten into chocolate call your vet immediately. 

GRAPES/RAISINS:  Surprisingly, this is a toxic fruit for dogs.  They contain an unknown toxin, which can cause acute renal (kidney) failure.  As little as a handful at a time can be deadly. 

ONIONS:  A substance in onions, disulfide, is harmless to humans but toxic to not only dogs but cats, horses, sheep and cattle.  It causes hemolytic anemia, and as little as 2 slices a week can damage red blood cells, impairing their ability to carry oxygen. NOTE: Garlic and onion are in the same family, while small amounts of garlic will not harm your dog, too much is not good. 

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