My love of the breed started early in life with the story of my family's German Shepherd Dog, "Scrapper". While my mother was pregnant with me, she arrived home from work one day being followed by three thugs. They followed her up to the front door and Scrapper dove through the front window and chased the thugs off, saving both my mother and my life.

At 12, I wanted a dog and I knew the breed for me would be the German Shepherd Dog. Their beauty, affection and devotion is unparalleled to any other breed. My mother took me to a local breeder, that was known to breed German Shepherd Dogs with the criteria I had in mind and as a result, "Max" came into our lives. He was a devoted friend and efficient protector.

An entrepreneur at heart, I was involved in several successful businesses, but my heart was not in them. I knew I had to follow my passion and devote my life to this amazing breed.

One of my first German Shepherd Dogs was "Neo", a devoted male who was everything you would want in a dog - loyal, affectionate and intelligent. Neo's love for me was demonstrated when he kept sniffing a small blemish on my leg, which turned out to be an aggressive stage 3 melanoma. When I finally returned home after an extended hospital stay, Neo passed on to Heaven.  It was as though Neo had absorbed all my cancer and pain. The picture on this page is an artists rendition of him in Heaven looking after my flock and me.

As a result, the name of my company is "Neo German Shepherds", to honor what this wonderful dog provided to me........a  wonderful and bright future.

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